Friday, June 27, 2008

Bagel and her birthday surprises

As we said before Bagel had her fourth birthday last week. We have a party for her with just siblings. It is not always easy to get them all together for a party. We really try. We have yet to have her official birthday dinner where we toast her. With Pooker gone for a week that dinner will need to wait. I worry that birthdays are not made too special because we have so many and because all of our family is far away. Well family did not let Bagel down at all, neither did the cake fairy.

Her week began with mail from Mimi and Miss Brenda. I have yet to take her to the store to spend her birthday money.

Then came a package sent from her God-Father who is playing baseball in Japan. We hear that Aunt Erica loves Internet shopping. She loved the outfit by the way. We really miss Uncle Michael, Aunt Erica and Beaner.

Then another packaged arrived from Nanny and Gramps. It included a Dora doll and a Dora purse. The purse had pretend money and pretend checks in it with all kinds of other things. Everything in the purse was perfect for a 4 year old.

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