Friday, June 20, 2008

Cuda Tradition

It is a Cuda Tradition to have a Rice Crispie Treat contest every year at the end of the swim season. We have worked hard on our treats year after year. We never won, mostly because our creations never looked like we originally thought they would. We have had a blast year after year thinking of ideas and then trying them out. We even had parties to prepare for the party. We would have friends over and we would make a huge mess in the home.

2008 was our year to keep it simple. This time our friends were not going so we were alone in our preparations. We designed four projects, all simple. In the end only three worked. We did a boy uniform and a girl uniform. The other design was the Cuda kick board. (A weekly award given to the swimmers that have had a good swim week.)

This party also included family relays. Others worried about how thy could keep up. It isn't fair that they have teenagers and we only have a five year old. I explained that it wasn't fair that I have to feed them and they didn't. I don't know what people were worried about, we are many but we are not fast swimmers.

As always we had a blast. We won a prize for our creations and had two teams in the relays. Dad, Goobers, Sugar and Pickle were on one team and Moogie, Bear, Pooker and her friend Soccer Girl were on another. I don't think either team won a relay but it was still tons of fun for us to be a part of this really cool neighborhood tradition.

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