Sunday, June 29, 2008

In your arms, God!

I went to pick Pooker up tonight around 8:00 p.m. She had been on a retreat weekend with about 50 teens from our parish. It was a beautiful site. Teens poured off this bus with great joy. They spent the weekend with little sleep, 7 hours of travel away and back while celebrating their love of God. The Spirit was with them in great force. The group was so filled with love for life as they shared story after story about their time. My 17 year old would be in my arms for the night.

I point out her age because I have been so stressed at the issues in her life lately. When will she take the ACT/SAT? Will I have time to enroll her in community school college classes? Is she ready? Where will she go to college? What will she do with her life? Will she find a good spouse? How will we pay for her car, life, college, wedding, and then her siblings? UGH!

As she got off the bus she was greeted by one of the parents that had gone to chaperon. I witnessed him thanking her for being herself. He thanked her for be such a cut above the rest and for setting such a good example for her peers. This grown man was truly thankful for my daughter and her example to others. My heart swelled with the gift that her life truly is. She is a gift to her family, her peers and the community. She lives her life for His Glory and she is a joy to have around. I am filled with peace for her life and gratitude for knowing her.

As I walked to gather he bags a friend from the homeschool world pulled me aside. She wanted to tell me something without the teens hearing. I could tell by her look that something was wrong. A peer to these teens had just passed away.

On Friday afternoon this young man of just 17 years old, had been pulled from the water having been discovered on the bottom of the pool. He was resuscitated. After awhile his heart was beating again. As of Sunday morning, we were told he was stable and things seamed to be looking good. This child is also the oldest to a homeschooling family in the same group that we belong to. My heart is aching for this mother and father. I don't know if I could live my life if Pooker were not in it.

I cannot say why this happened to this family. I can not fathom why this mom doesn't get to hold her son tonight. I know that I believe in Heaven and I believe that God will hold this soul with the love he bestows on all of his children. I live to one day join the Communion of Saints. I believe with all my heart that every time I receive communion that I am united with Christ and with all in Heaven, a small taste of eternity. I wish that I could give to his mother and family the peace that can only come from Heaven. I don't know how?!? So I will continue to believe with all my heart. I will ask God to send Himself to the family as He welcomes this 17 year old son into His Heavenly arms. I beg that He sends His Mother to spiritually hold each member of this precious family. Please pray with me for the O'Brien family and for the soul of Hayden.


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