Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Perfect Christmas Hug

It is so hard to try to enjoy the special day when we put too much hype on what it should be. I used to worry so much about the perfect house, the perfect gifts, the perfect childhood for my children. I then realized that it is what it is. I will continue to work hard to create wonderful memories for my children. I will do a much better job now that I am not getting upset over a china piece breaking, or a tree falling over or laundry not getting done because we are playing with gifts sent by the grandparents.

I know that my mom worked so hard for us to have the perfect day. We always did from what I remember. I don't remember what I got or what I didn't get. I remember the joy, the excitement and love. I remember the time with my family playing, I remember the long songs at Mass and the tears I always felt looking into the crib. I remember the eggnog, nothing fancy just from the container. I loved every drop. I remember how cool it was to go see my cousins, aunts and uncles and my Mommom. There is nothing better than a Mommom Christmas hug. (God I miss those! Mommom, God Rest Her Soul, has been celebrating the big days in Heaven since 2004)

I am learning to sit back and just enjoy what it is and not stress about what it isn't. There will be no snow in Houston this year, at least non in the forecast. That doesn't mean that Christmas is ruined. It might mean that I crank up the AC so I can wear a Christmas sweater even if it is 85 and humid that afternoon. I am preparing to enjoy the gifts God has given to me. My salvation, my life, my husband, my children and all those creature comforts that I enjoy so much.

As you prepare for this great celebration try to enjoy it. The most important thing you can do is that Christmas hug that is so full of love it will take the receivers breath away. My Mommom had it, my mom does, my little children have it, and I am determined to master it this year. That gift of hugging someone with the unconditional love of Christ. (I will also try to remember the cheap eggnog as well. I need it for the Mommom toast!)


  1. Hey you. The Christmas weather showed up... it's going to be below freezing tonight!

  2. I think that happened while I was in CA. It just so happened to stay pretty warm there. I am back now and the temp is getting warmer. I am now convinced it is just me.


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