Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Cards

We love to send and to receive Christmas cards. They really are a family favorite for our family. This year we have been so busy that we have yet to send out cards. As I stated earlier we had a computer crash and we lost all of our addresses. I have been working hard to recompile and update our list. I want to thank all of our friends that do send out cards, notes and pictures. They mean the world to us. We plan to try to send something out wishing everyone a happy new year. (That will be if I can get my act together this week!)

We used to post all cards on the back of the front door. We had way too many this year ans wanted them closer. We moved them right into the family room on the wall. This is a major no-no in the decorating world but it sure brings happiness to us. It was so nice to share this time with you all close by.

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