Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pickle's Birthday

The big boy is now 7 years old thank you very much. His siblings waited until he fell asleep last night to decorate the kitchen and breakfast room. Pickle was all smiles when we woke up and saw all the work they had done.

There were balloons and streamers everywhere. They had covered the tables with wrapping paper. The birthday child must suspect the decorations are coming and yet it is always a surprise.

I cannot explain why but the kiddos decided to pretend to be ninja warriors this morning. They took the streamers and tied them around their heads. That was the only preparation, no actual ninja training. Pickle loved that everyone played with him in his dream world for part of the day.

Even Cowboy had to join the group. I can't even imagine what he thinks of this crazy family that he is a part of. I am glad he doesn't know any different.

We have a very cool tradition in our house for birthdays. When we sit down for the meal picked by the birthday boy/girl, we take turns at the table. Everyone tells the family three things that they admire most about the birthday person. This is one of my favorite things in the entire world.

It was very cool to find out that Bagel loves to play with Pickle, Princess says that he takes care of her, Moogie loves his creative side, Bear likes that he can turn anything into a toy, Sugar likes that he can turn even a piece of grass into a a character, Goobers likes that every time he plays he adds a sound track of car crashes,
Pooker likes that his sense of humor has developed so much this past year, dad loves his inquisitive nature and mom loves his snuggles and his smile. Cowboy can't yet speak but he does smile when he sees his big brother. Pickle is a great person. The world is a much better place with him in it.

The cake fairy brought a cake by. She really is good. As I have stated before I do not bake cakes (ones that look good anyway). We used buy a cake at the store until a friend heard this. She grew up in a family of bakers and was upset that my children did not have homemade cakes on their special birthdays. Now on any family birthday, she stops by with a cake made with love just for them.
Thanks Mrs. T it was another good one.

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