Sunday, November 18, 2007

Meet me at the drive in!

We had a blast. Now that the weather was more tolerable we decided to make a memory and take the clan to the drive in theater for a double feature. This was an adventure to say the least.

A 15 packer is a great car for transportation but not so good for viewing a movie. No problem we all preferred the fresh air anyway. That was until it started to drizzle, then pour. It has not rained heavy in our area for a few weeks,so we thought we were safe. We thought wrong. We made in through the first movie and 3/4 of the way through the second one. We tried to sit in the car and watch the movie even with the raining pouring down around us. Dad got soaked and eventually we gave up and headed home. As we were leaving the parking lot the electricity went out, I guess we left just in time. I wonder what ever happens to those silly bees?

The kiddos will not forget the evening though. We had hot dogs, candy, and soda, all while we played catch with the football, played on the play ground, collected rocks and made a few memories.

Pickle proclaimed on our drive there that he would not tolerate kissing of any kind from anyone. I am sure glad we got that out the way.

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