Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cowboy ate Bananas and Squash

I know that this is big news for the world. Cowboy is growing up. He is no longer a newborn by any stretch of the means. He is still a baby, a very active one. He laughs, grabs at his siblings, tries to talk, sleeps at longer intervals, and demands more food. We often refer to him as our little Chunkie Monkie. (another nick name is Poochie, for blog purposes we will stick with Cowboy.)

The kiddos fed him his cereal mixed with squash yesterday. Then he got bananas. I must say that he loved the bananas but there were not many left for him. The older kiddos were so excited to have the taste of baby food bananas back in the house. St. Nick is considering just filling shoes with baby food bananas. He knows it would be a hit. Every sibling walked past the Cowboy and took "just one bite" of his bananas.

It is not a leap at all to say that he loved his food!

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