Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pie Practice

I have a home full of chefs. I like to bake but do not have any knowledge in it. I lack the time to practice as well.

The kiddos tease me that the best cake I ever made was one that we prepared for my sister's dog. KeeKee had gone out of the country and left Lolli-Pop with us. Her home was without children and we were up to five at the time. The dog was well cared for and well loved. KeeKee was worried that the dog's birthday would go unnoticed in our house while she was gone. To tease their aunt my children decorated the dinning room, got out the candles and asked me to bake a cake. This was the only time that the cake did not crumble out of the pan, the icing went on smooth and the decorations were perfect. From that point on I get teased that I loved Lolli-Pop more than my own children. That crazy dog had a great birthday party and thoroughly enjoyed her cake.
Where would all these future chefs come from you wonder? Well their dad of course.

He loves to cook, fry, bake, BBQ, and create. He says that he dreams of attending a culinary school at some point in time. My dear husband has shared his love of cooking and(more importantly)his talent with each of the kiddos. (The word is still out on Cowboy.)
Thanksgiving is a day that they love. Each child takes a different part of the meal and tries to add to it to make it their own. Last year as they cleaned up we heard arguments about who was going to cook, what each person would bring and who would host each holiday. I only hope that their spouses to be will agree to these elaborate plans that they have made.

I must say that if one great thing about having a close family and a big family. I will never have to cook! They might hurt me if I try.

The kiddos wanted to show some of the test pies that were made this past week. I think they were just looking for an excuse for a pie. The pies were yummy, so I was all for it.

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