Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not that many!

The conversations that we have during night prayers are so precious. We start by naming God parents and God children and a prayer for them. We then let each person list 3 intentions before moving into our other prayers and an examination of conscious. I am always amazed at what the kiddos pray for, who they remember to pray for and how they word it. You really can get to know a person by listening to their prayer requests.

Pickle prayed for the people in the earthquake for 5 months. He was only 5 years old and we had no idea where he got the prayer from, but never stopped him. We all prayed for these people that only Pickle knew about. While watching the news one night we heard a report of an earthquake that had happened elsewhere in the world and miraculously they had no casualties. Pickle just smiled and said, "Those are the people I was praying for."

Moogie offers this prayer, "I pray that my mom and dad have many more babies!"
This is met with many "yes", "I hope they have two more", "I want twins" . etc.etc. Bagel agrees but adds . . . "I want mom to have that girl she was supposed to have for me before." At this moment someone states the prayer, "that mom and dad have 4 more babies!" Bagel looked stunned and said, "No they can't have 4 more that would be too many, we would be a BIG family!"

Pooker pointed out that it must be really different at the end of the line than at the beginning. The little ones have never known any different so they don't even realize that by most standards we are a BIG family!

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