Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Is it cool yet?

I thought that fall was finally here. I also thought I would never adjust. Growing up in the midwest and then moving to Houston has been quite a shock on me. I was used to the heat, back home we had very hot muggy summers. I did not understnad that the heat was 3 seasons long down here. Before moving down we were told that the seasons of Houston were not Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall but Hot, Hot, Hurricane, & Hot.

The temperature was dropping yesterday morning when I ran out to mail a package. Walking into the post office I thought to myself that I should have grabbed a jacket, it might actually be cool. When I walked out of the post office I realized that I was just fooling myself.

I saw a woman getting out of her car. She had capri pants on, flip flops, and a short sleeve top. She took a deep breathe as she stepped out of her car. At first I thought she looked so out of place, what was she thinking. It was cold today, she was just beathing in the cool air like is was just not hot. I glanced at her lisence plate. It was from out of state. Oh I thought she is just a newbie. I bet the weather feels perfect for her and not even cool. I was shocked when I took a second glance at her plates. She was from Missouri, like me. I was that woman 5 years ago. Now I am like those other Houstonians who walk around all winter complaining about how cold it it.

Did my blood thin? Is it the end of the world? Is it just that we have been here five years now? I am at that point where I just can't tell. Is it cool yet? NO, it is probably just that I can no longer tell the difference.

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