Monday, December 25, 2017

EMT on Christmas Day

"I am really proud of this girl. She is in uniform heading to an EMT job on Christmas Day. Thank you to all the military, police, medical staff and first responders who leave the comfort of their warm homes even during a Holiday to make sure there rest of us stay safe. Thank you Pooker!"

We were so lucky as a family to have had this young woman with us on Christmas eve.  We ate our meal and saved a big portion for her.  She does what she can to care for others.  I love her desire to serve others so very much.

"I. Love. This. Job. I picked up the Texans game on Christmas Day because I do love this job. I didn’t have to and honestly they probably would have gotten the coverage they needed, but I wanted to work. 
When you respect the place you give your time to it’s just so much more fun and enjoyable. I work with amazing medics that are professional, kind and competent and we have supervisors that value each of us and just make even the smallest shifts you pick up worth it. I could have been with family or friends on my day off, but I picked up to support this company because I value them so so much.  ❤️ Trust that you are well taken care of if you’re ever at NRG."

Merry Christmas to all those that live their lives to serve others and to keep them safe!

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