Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Big News - New Job Offer!

I can't yet say who the company is but Dad has accepted another position.  The interesting thing is that he will be responsible for new areas.  He will no longer be working in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma.  We are not sure where we are headed yet.  I am happy that we will move away from the heat of Houston.  YEAH!  Pooker and Goobers will still be here.  We will have many reasons to visit because part of us will remain behind.  

The position will not start until after the New Year.  We are keeping the details on the down low until everything is in place.  For now we know that J will have a new job with new responsibilities.  He is very excited about this opportunity.  We will move once our home sells.  He will start the position before we know exactly where we need to live.  He will home office so there is some flexibility.  
Signing the papers was a big deal for J, and for all of us.  More information will be forthcoming.  For now, CONGRATULATIONS J.  We are super proud of you and we know you will make this company very happy!

I do ask for your prayers for this new adventure, for J's new job, for our move, for our home to sell, and for our friends and family that we will say goodbye to.  St. Joseph took his family into Egypt, a foreign land.  He followed God's will.  This entire process has been such an example of J following God's will.  I now humbly ask St. Joesph to pray for our protection and guidance.


  1. Neen...OMGosh this news is HUGE!!!! I know how you feel about Houston...but, wow...it's been a part of your life for so long now...and you are such an integral part of your homeschooling community. What a loss for your friends and colleagues. But, oh, how richly you've been rewarded for your patience. God is good. All of the time. I can't wait until an update...hope I didn't miss it. V

  2. So funny that you noticed this post. I posted it just last night 1-1-18 but pre dated it because this is more of a family log book. I figured it would go mostly unnoticed. J is thrilled to have a new position. He doesn't want to share much until he actually starts 1-3-18. We are a little uncertain about where we will move because of the large area of the territory. He can live anywhere that is close to a major airport. So almost too many possibilities. I am so excited. We are having a blast searching out all kinds of factors. I have a folder that is full of maps that show tax rates, cost of housing, cost of auto insurance, homeschool laws, percentage of Catholics and all kinds of factors. I can't wait to see where that will lead us but I am trying to be patient because I know that God will reveal the perfect place when it is time. Maybe J will get a dream, LOL.


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