Friday, November 17, 2017

Everyone Has the FLU

No details, no body wants them.  Sometimes being in a big family means that when the first person gets sick everyone else feels like a ticking time bomb.  When, will it be as bad, can I avoid it?  I share this post because I want to point out that I love my family.  I watched the kids take care of each other.  They fight and drive me nuts all of the time but they love each other and care for each other - even when it means they might be next.  My family would not have lived long during the black plague.  We would have shared it very quickly and died caring for each other.  In the end we were all on the mend and had enjoyed a few movies.  Now onto the next adventure.  With the house on the market I must say that our hoe has never been this clean while we were sick.  I scrubbed constantly.  With no showings we ended up having a peaceful week.

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