Thursday, November 9, 2017

Bass Pro in Memphis and A Special Phone Call

Dad has been interviewing with various companies.  We were heading back to Houston but we had to stop so that he could take the important phone call.  We found a fun place to stop and played outside while he spoke on the phone.

We got back into the car and drove to Tennessee to spend the night.  
Dad had to take another call so we stopped at Memphis Pyramid Bass Pro shop.  We enjoyed walking around while he had another interview.  This is a stock photo, when we arrived at night it was dark and all lit up.  It was so pretty.  

Dad joined us after his phone call.  We all played for several hours.

This really was a fun adventure.  Dad encouraged Jumba and I to ride the elevator to the very top.  We had so much fun!

I must admit that I was afraid and Jumba wasn't.  He walked right out on the ledge and lookout no problem.  Memphis is a pretty city.

Today was a fun day.  The four youngest with J and I had a mini adventure.  We saw some beautiful things and J had several good interviews.  Good day all around!

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