Saturday, May 20, 2017

Otters Vs. Fairfield

We did not win this meet but we did have fun.  It was a very hot day, we drove across town and the Otters swam their hearts out.  I saw a few things today that I loved seeing. 

 Sugar had to go home from the meet before it evens started.  There was a food truck that was serving up crawfish.  Sugar had to leave before she even smelled it. She kept the twins at home.  When J and I left we watched Sugar cuddle up with the twins.

We got to the meet to find Bear very involved.  He is so good with kids. It is always fun to watch him give instruction. 

The other person that I noticed doing really cool things was Pickle.  The 15-18 boys always swim last.  Possible even though older would swim right before Pickle.  He would get out of line, come close to the timers and watch his sister race.  He would cheer for her and then help her out of the water. It would then be his turn to swim  and he would always wait until everyone in his heat is finished and then shake hands with his competitors.  I don't think anyone else noticed that but I absolutely loved watching this kid show respect to those around him especially his sister who he always fights with.
We lost this meet! It was one of the first miserably hot days of the summer.  The swimmers were not fast maybe it was just too hot. I was annoyed that Sugar had to leave but I was proud of my kids.  I watched some really care for each other that whole day.  I love that.

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