Friday, May 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Twins

I can't believe that these precious two are now five years old.  I am not sure when it officially happened, but they grew up.  

Adorable is a sparkly personality.  She is smart and lovable.  She gives hugs and kisses freely.  She greats people in the morning and when they arrive back home with a screech of joy and full hug.  This kiddo loves without conditions.  Her hearts is so big.
Beautiful is a quiet soul, except when she is with her twin (LOL).  This is young women is so smart.  She thinks things through like no other 5 year old I have ever met.  She is snarky and funny.  This young women is someone that makes the world a much better place by her intellectually challenging questions.

Kat and Troy joined us at practice with a cookie cake and gifts.  It was so fun to have them show up.

"Twins birthday shots from a few weeks ago. Love these little T-Family girls! They've got a taste of everyone in them and are by far the sassiest of the gang."

"I can not believe how much they have grown in the past year! These crazies have so much sass, attitude, sarcasm, but are also the sweetest two you will meet! I can't imagine my crazy family without these two! Happy 5th Birthday Adorable and Beautiful!"

"Happy birthday to the sweetest little girls I know. I can't believe you girls are five! Happy birthday Adorable and Beautiful! I love you. Birthday 5

Thank you God for giving these precious little ones to our family and to the world.  Happy birthday Ladies.

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