Friday, April 21, 2017

Priests VS Seminarians

One of the young priests had a desire to encourage vocations while getting some exercise.  Fr. Preston's idea was fabulous.  He organized an huge competition game between a team of the priest against a seam of Seminarians.  He got permission to use a high school gym on the first Friday after Easter.  Timing was perfect, as the priest and the seminarian are all looking for ways to unwind after the Lent season.  This was incredible.  I don't think Father was prepared for the turnout.  The gym was packed full.  Various parish came to support their priest or seminarian or both with signs, cheers, t-shirts, and even some huge head posters.  We had a blast.  The hope is that next year it will be even bigger.  Thanks for the fun way to spend a Friday night!  Oh the priest won by the way.  It was a close game always just points away from each other.  

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