Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Possible Gets Her License

I really never thought this day would come.  Possible is the most determined little lady I have ever met.  Nothing was going the way it should.  All the paperwork was not printing because our home printer was broken.  she had me sent it to her and then onto Goobers.  She then had Goobers meet us after we singed in and sat in line.  We were late and it took for ever to get through all the paperwork.  When they told her to go get her car and pull around I about passed out.  I thought for sure that it would not work out.  Goobers brought the stuff, Sugar let her use the car that we have assigned to Sugar, and Possible didn't flinch.
I am was so nervous while she took her test.
Goobers was the loving proud big sister who stood watch as Possible parallel parked.  She sent this text out as she watched.
  She just backed in to the spot like a boss!
Goobers was ready to grab a shot as she returned from her actual driving test.  She had a huge grin on her face.

Yep it is official.  Possible is now a legal driver - well once we add her to the insurance that is.
Way to go Possible.  We are super proud of you.

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