Tuesday, April 18, 2017

New Swim Season and New Swimmers

Twin Adorable with the pink goggles and Twin Beautiful with the purple goggles begin their swim careers today as they attempt to learn to to swim the strokes to compete on the Otters Team.
This is there new suit pose, not sure why it looks this way but they are ready to go.
I love this picture.  It shows how nervous they are and yet together they can do it.
Coach Sugar is right there helping.
Pooker and Goobers joined us at the pool to offer encouragement and support.

I am so proud of my kiddos.  We see various pictures of the youngest ones learning to swim and facing their fears.  We see the older kids coaching, jr coaching or cheering from the sidelines.  I hate the hot weather and sitting by the pool watching isn't fun.  I am often asked why I let them do swim team then?  Today is a perfect example of my reason.  They are all together, they can support and help each other.  This is just what our family does.  Now swim little otters, swim!

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