Friday, February 10, 2017

Trip North

On the road up north.  We wanted to do a small road trip.  Dad ad a trade show so we hitched a ride.
One stop along the way to have breakfast with Bear.
We love seeing him and all his friends.
Back on the road and heading north.  We eventually would head to St. Louis.
New curlers.I guess we will see how they work.

Exploring wears us all out.  I love the twins sleeping.  They are so funny.
We had to stop in a to introduce the little ones to an old family favorite of Krispy Kreme Donuts.  They did enjoy watching the donuts be made but I don't think they liked them as much as dad and I did.

It is always fun to be stuck in a small hotel room trying to no get on each others nerves.  We had fun though.  The twins loved the time with dad.

Beautiful - Adorable
These two don't have as many experiences in St. Louis as the rest of them.  They make the most of the two days we are in town.
Beautiful - Adorable

The big kids drove separately.

They checked in on Bear, and then He and another friend followed the next day.  In the End we all ended up in St. Louis.

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