Saturday, February 11, 2017

First Holy Communion

Jumba is pretty nervous but his sisters are loving on him.  They pray for him and want the best for him.  I love how they support each other.  

The we are set for the party with yummy food and we head to Mass.

He wanted to kneel down to receive and Fr. Tom supported him.  I love it.  So beautiful.
He received under both species. 

We are all so happy for this young man.  I love that while my heart sores with joy so does the hearts of dad and his siblings.

After Mass we start the bunch of pictures that we will take.

This first one was taken of me with a friend's mom.  It happens to be her parish and I was so happy that her mom and dad were at this Mass.   was my best friend throughout high school and the Matron of Honor at my wedding.  I was so glad to share this moment with her mom and dad.

It is now time to let the party being.  Fr. Tom blesses the food and we celebrate.  Congrats Jumba!

After the party we know that we will be leaving St. Louis early in the morning.  We decided to get one last treat in.  We headed to Ted Drews.

Beautiful - cousin - Adorable
The twins loved spending time with their cousin and new best friend.  Nothing is better than family!

This was really a fantastic day.   I end with this picture because it is so special to me.  Each child celebrates with Jumba.  This picture is such joy!
Congratulations to our precious Jumba!

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