Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

"2016 was a fantastic year! I started a new job, traveled with my best girls, Maggie saved my life after I decided to hemorrhage myself, got to go to Atlanta and chaperone a Catholic summer camp, Gilmore girls came back, I met the Fray, The Chicago freaking Cubs are the best, we got to change the political party. Friends have shifted a bit, but that's how it goes. I'm thankful for the time I get to experience people and what I learned from them at that time. Some relationships have gotten stronger and for that I'm thankful. I have big plans for the next year, and I'm pretty excited for what's to come. Thanks for being around and I wish you the absolute best for this year. Start something new, learn to do something, talk to people, work out, stretch your spiritual muscles! Whatever you're planning, resolutions are great, just make sure you do it and can look back next year and be proud!"

"When it's New Year's Eve and you have to work, but it's okay because we don't have to close! "
She came to the house after getting off work.  So cute!
"I know no matter what happens these people will always have my back! Glad I got to spend The year with them i'm excited to find out what the future holds but I'm also glad we have all these awesome memories to look back on happy new year. #LoveThem #HappyNewYear #2017"

I love that the kids are sharing their thoughts.  Sometimes they voice life better than I do. (Most of the time actually!!!)  I have said it over and over again but the past few months I have been wiped out with a cold/allergies/another cold.  Never favors or anything bad enough to send me to the doctor but sometimes just bad enough to make be extremely tired.  Tonight was one of those nights that I wanted to be more involved but felt so out of it.  I hate that feeling but also love it. I could sit back and listen to the kids interact and be the coolest group of siblings on the planet.  I am jealous of how close they are and so happy to be a part of their coolness.  
"Happy New Year Friends and good luck with all your resolutions!"

Fireworks, ball dropping, fun foods, and a night filled with my family.  Thank you God for 2016  and cheers to 2017.

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