Thursday, January 12, 2017

Go To Sleep!!!

Maybe I can sleep tonight.  I finally went to the doctor.  Turns out mom has super impacted sinuses.  They were bad, and the doctor fears that it might take more than two weeks to knock this stuff out of my nasal passages.  Also indicated the infection has been around for awhile.  I have just been slowly getting sicker and sicker without ever realizing it.  So I have medicine, maybe I will sleep to night.  

Dad is out of town for the night.  I thought I would be fun and not fight the twins, letting them sleep on the bed.  UI was wrong about getting any sleep.

Twins with a king size bed and a big brother all means time to play.  At least the big kids upstairs were sleeping.

Eventually they did settle down and we all fell asleep.  I did enjoy listening to all the giggles.

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