Friday, January 6, 2017

Being Walked By the Dogs

Huskies get more energy as the temperature drops. It is a part of who they are, I can relate. I love the chilly air. When we hit 30 tonight I just wanted to be outside walking. I thought it would be fun but I was sadly mistaken.

   J was kind enough to walk with me and we brought the puppies. I thought it would be a nice refreshing stroll. I did not realize how strong these dogs have become and how weak I actually am. 

Oh my goodness, it took only about 5 minutes for me to hand over both dogs. J is my hero. 

 He has been working out and you could tell. He allowed both dogs to walk him, and that takes so much strength. 

  They are huskies and they need it. Once they are worn out a little, they are great to walk with. 

If it had been up to me alone those dogs would be gone. 

 We need a sled!

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