Thursday, January 26, 2017

Being Back in School - College Style

Bear went back to school a few weeks back and the big kids all started, finally.  As a homeschooling family it is hard to find a routine until everyone is in it. So we are all happy to be back.  Bear sent a picture of his first weekend back. 

 He had some snow.  I am jealous!  

 I love the Facebook shares with the kiddos about all the joys and sorrows of their school sorrows.  

First day back and Sugar posts this on FB:  
"When your radio station says "It's all about 'Possible' from the woodlands" 

Goobers FB:  
"Did I wake up later then I wanted to?.. maybe... Did I walk in late to my first class because I couldn't find a stupid parking spot?.. okay yes.. Did I not want to come back to school today? Let's be real we can all answer this one ;) but after my first three class I found some time to open my computer to check some things and found a note from Pooker that she never fails to leave.. so I thought I share it for everyone else who starts this week! Happy First week everyone, Good luck!" 

 Pooker FB:
"It's that time again. Lost a sister. No time for Pooker. Hard working and dedicated."

Goobers FB:
"So my accounting book finally came.. so that's something.. but as Possible is opening the book from the packaging, this our conversation:Possible:      'Oh why isn't this pretty like the other books?' Me (Goobers):  'Well that's because it's accounting.' Possible:  'Oh, well it's really big and heavy, does that mean it counts for two semesters?' Me (goobers):     'Sadly,  NO!!!' Possible:   'Oh well you're probably gonna die then,  sorry :(.'"

Goobers is no longer at LoneStar she has moved onto Sam Houston.  She still made sure she was around to help Possible with her math this week.  Sister power!  

Goobers FB:  "Today is going to be our hat day.. :) love this chick "

Bear sent this from his early morning adventures with the chickens?  Apparently he is helping the monks with morning duties.

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