Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sleeping Twins

Four and half years old and they still are cute sleeping.  The biggest trouble we have with these two is the fact that they will not go off to their room together.  This is a nightly conversation. I will add it here, so we don't forget.

Like I have said we discuss this nightly. 
Mom or dad: "OK it is time to head up to your room and go to bed. "
Twin (either one they both say it) "We can't go can't go to bed in our room because we would be by ourselves".  
Adult: "you are not alone, you have each other."
Twin: "NO we can't sleep by ourselves. It would be too scary. We can't be alone." 

The Twin-ism changed so they could better help the non-twins understand.
"We can't sleep all by We-self!"
So much for the advantage of having twins. They are collectively alone. Go figure.

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