Thursday, November 24, 2016

So Thankful!

 Twin Adorable on left in pink and Twin Beautiful on right in purple.

 Yep the food is so good they were licking their plates.

"So Thankful for my family, little minds that love no matter what, siblings that still think the world of me, and teach me things everyday, parents that sacrificed a lot to be parents and to continue to say yes to God's call for their life, and my faith life that makes it all count for something greater."


"Honestly I would not be who I am without all of them. If there is multiple conversations going on, everyone laughing, and at lest one person crying. It feels like a T home and I am thankful! "

Trying to get a group shot is never easy with this crew.  Everyone did their part and Thanksgiving was delicious.  The pictures are in a weird order because they are from various phones.  I think it is ok to leave them this way because to me is shows how the day was a little chaotic but beautiful.  The group of people is most thankful for this group of people.

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