Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Pickle

"Happy Birthday, Grumpy Boy! You're a cool guy, you've grown and matured so much this past year. I hope you have a fantastic (trump hands and voice) Birthday. Know that you're loved and we're glad God made you. Thanks for drinking coffee with me, talking about how great the fray is and for educating me on more sports knowledge then I can handle."

"Pickle, Pickle, Pickle, Pickle!!! As much as you hate me for doing this, Happy Birthday!!!! Sixteen years of you, wow! How lucky are we! Pickle you are really something special, and I love every time I get to spend with you! So thanks for liking baseball this year and informing me on football things when I ask! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to someone who wanted to vote for Trump more then anyone else! Love you lots"

This kid didn't want us to celebrate his birthday at all.  His sister got him What-A Burger which is his favorite and that kind of forced the small celebration.  He is just 16, no big deal.  Happy birthday Pickle, we all love you!

Then Princess posted this and it was too cute!
"So this is probably One of my favorite pictures of me and Pickle! happy birthday to One of The coolest Brothers I've ever met. thanks for being such a good big brother I love you #16"

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