Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trying Deacon Baldy's

Deacon Baldy's Facebook Page:
"Deacon Baldy's Bar and Food Trucks is a family friendly establishment meant to bring a variety of food choices, games, and good beer under one roof. We provide the finest craft beer, handmade cocktails, and live entertainment for your enjoyment."

Pooker, Goobers, Dad and I gave the bar a try.  I loved being with the girls.  

Deacon Baldy's is a bar surrounded by food trucks that was established and organized by a family from our parish here in north Houston. The family patriarch was a beloved Deacon at the parish. He died in a helicopter accident at a young age two years ago. Our parish of St Anthony Of Padua has 6000 families that all feel an affinity to this new establishment. Silly I know but the family is great at making us all feel loved. It is the place to be!

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