Saturday, October 1, 2016

Mom of Twin Moment - Make Me

Twin conversation:  
Mom: why the bleep is there water all over the floor. 
Adorable: Gop-Ka thought it would help get the glue off.
Mom: what are you talking about
Beautiful: Ga-Go tried to lift Moses with glue (as I notice an empty bottle of glue)
Mom: start cleaning it up, I don't even want to know what you are talking about.
Beautiful: but it is too sticky, we can't get it off
Adorable: I guess we should have used stick glue.
Mom: No you should Not have touched the glue-either one!!! We have talked about this before.
Beautiful: I don't know what to do we got the glue off but. It the sticky
Adorable: Moses feels good on my feet now that he is sticky
Beautiful: let me try
Mom: I give up
Twins in unison: "I am toe torry mom!" They say sorry with a "t".
I will post this now so later I can remember why I was so mad at them and why my entry why "is toe ticky!(so sticky)!!

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