Saturday, October 22, 2016

Going to The World Series

Not much to say other than we are Cub fans and we are super psyched about what happened tonight!  The Cubbies are headed to the world series!  Time to Fly the W!

J was too nervous to sit down.
We were all there except Pooker was working and Bear was away at school.  We face timed both of them so they could be a part of our crazy big family excitement.

And that was J the second they won.
Time to Fly the W.  Let's hope we need to fly it many more times.

After the W was up it was time for the champagne.

Oh how we wish the other kiddos were able to join us in person.

Our friend from LifeTeen was there to join in th fun.
Possible and Burke even celebrated.
GO- CUBS - GO!!!

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