Friday, October 28, 2016

Fray Concert

Pooker has always loved The Fray.  She enjoyes their music and usually catches the concert when they come into town.  She wanted to treat the kiddos to a concert this time around. She took all the kiddos minus the younger twins and Bear who is away at school.  Pooker set it up to buy herself a back stage pass so she could meet the band and they arrived very early to ensure good spots for the concert.   

I see these pictures and I wonder what she was thinking.  her siblings are so odd.  

LOL, it was fun time had by all.
Fray concert!  I wanted them all to go with me, it was a special night and they're my favorite group. They all complied and here they are sitting outside hours before the show to make sure we were in the front. 

So when Pooker went off to get into line to meet the bang, some of the members walked by the kids waiting for Pooker.  I loved that she was super excited about it for her siblings and then had conversations with the band about her crazy family outside.

This was her vantage point while they were having their one on one with the band.

That was ok with her because she was still going in for a personal visit.
They all had wonderful things to say about the great concert.

And they were super close.  They walked away with a few guitar picks.

Possible even got the set list for Pooker.
They all had a great time.  Thank you Pooker for sharing your love of music with your siblings.  

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