Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Coffee at Luke's

Netflix plans to air a 4 part reunion show for Gilmore Girls.  This is a show that I watched with Pooker and Goobers back in the day.  They have subsequently watched them with the sisters as they have come of age.
So my girls are all preparing for the big event in November by re-watching all the old episodes.  Netflix is hosting a free coffee day in honor of 'Gilmore Girls'.   Free coffee was found at all the Luke's Diners that appeared for a few hours on October 5th.

Pooker and Goobers headed out to find a local Luke's.  I love their sense of adventure. 
They invited me and all the girls but I couldn't make it work.  I only hope that we can all be together in November for the recap reunion episodes.  I love my girls and I am uber proud of them.  

These two are so beautiful.  Off to re-watch some Gilmore Girls so we can enjoy!

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