Sunday, July 17, 2016

Celebrate -Accomplishments and Decisions Made

When we got back from Mass, we toasted to accomplishments and decisions made.  Goober had made the very difficult decision to not go away to Lindenwood, but instead stick around and go to Same Houston State University.   This was huge game changer for her.  I think it was a wise decision, she has really thought out the pros and cons.  She and Pooker will continue living together and she will commute to the campus (40 minute drive) a few times a week.  That decision was epic and made - reason for a celebration.

Summer classes were now over and Bear passed all his courses - meaning he now has his Associates Degree before moving on.  Very proud of this young man.
Sugar had passed a very difficult Mass class, it is was now behind her.
Possible had tagged along one after with Sugar and has started the process to she can take her placement test.  She is wanting to  start a few classes at the community college.  She plans on taking Math and another basic class. Considering she is still a senior in high school I think it calls for a toast.

Cheers to my great children and their accomplishments.

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