Saturday, April 2, 2016

Possible Birthday Meal

Possible got Dad and I to take her to Torchy's

 This place is all the rage.  My kids all love going here.  It was ok, but nothing fantastic.  
Pooker said this on FaceBook:
Happy day of birth celebration to miss Possible! This woman has grown into such a strong and feisty woman. She's stubborn,opinionated, out going, fun and caring. She does not know any strangers and makes everyone around her feel loved. She's mature beyond her years and has proven in the mist of teen drama to be a level headed, respectable and admirable lady. I'm happy to be on her team and so glad God gave us Possible. Enjoy your last year of teenhood! Proud of who are you.

Goobers said:
Honestly I can't believe that is Amazingly beautiful, incredibly funny, unbelievably smart, awesomely talented, and all around good person right here is 17... Possible you amaze me every single day with everything you do, (didn't say it's good all the time, but still amazing) you are someone I wish I could be! Thanks for being you and being my friend! Love like a sister wink emoticon you big loser! Happy Birthday! -can't wait to share HEB stores with you! 
Sugar said: 

Happy birthday best friend!! You amazes me more then you know! I love being your big sister!

And his another post'and and then ❤️

and then posted: 
I thought you deserved two birthday post, and This picture was perfect for it!! When we took this picture I said "y'all can probably get ONE of them to take a picture with you" and you said " ONE of them I'm going to get the whole table to"!!! This shows how incredibly confident, crazy, funny, silly, and many other things you are!!!! you amaze me everyday/ everytime you go in to a place knowing no one and come out with 15 new best friends!! You make people feel comfortable and always welcome! I love you so much and learn a lot from you everyday, even if you want to steal my name!

We all love you Possible!  We find you to be incredible and amazing.  

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