Sunday, April 17, 2016

COME HOLY SPIRIT, Pickle is Confirmed

Thank you so much Mr. P for being Pickle's sponsor.  He is lucky to know a strong man who will always help him grow in his faith.

Nanny and Gramps with the Confirmed young man!

We are so proud of this guy.

These three are all connected in the homeschool world.  We are blessed to have good friends all around us.  Congrats to Emma, Mary and Pickle.

We love the B family very much.  They are from the old neighborhood.  Yet our friendship with them continues to deepen.

Congrats Mary!
Congrats Pickle!
Now cut the cakes we are hungry!

We are so blessed to have so many good friends join us from the old neighborhood and from this one.  All to help the two families celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation!

Equally blessed to have had Nanny ad Gramps fly down from St. Louis to celebrate with us.

While we were at the ceremony the T family and Mrs. W came over and got the food all out and ready to serve.  When we arrived home we were able to eat right away.  That was a wonderful blessing.  Thank you for such wonderful friends.

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