Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blessing For The Seniors

So here we are at the last serious LifeTeen Night of the school year.  I will miss the wonderful small group L and I had this year.  We were blessed with such a good group of teens.  The night included a talk from a few seniors, one of which being one of Bear's closest friend.

G did a wonderful job with his talk.  He told the teens that making God a part of his life has made everything so much more valuable.  He talked about going to adoration before his last big football game this year.  He prayed that no matter what he was giving it God.  It wasn't for his glory but for God's.  What a beautiful testimony that was to the younger ones in the room.  
After coming back from small groups the seniors went to the middle of the room.  They got together and prayed for the younger ones and offered a blessing for the teens.  Then the room returned the prayers and blessings, asking God to keep each of these seniors close to him throughout their lives.

LifeTeen has been such a blessing this year, as always.

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