Sunday, March 6, 2016

Edge Retreat

So it was Bagel's first official retreat.  I don't think she could possibly be nervous because she was going to have most of her siblings with her.  Princess is also in Edge and then the older ones went to help out in some way.

While on the retreat Possible's friend Joseph asked her to go to his prom with him.
She said yes.

I have to giggle at the "new way to take pictures".  The instant pictures are back, with them come the poor quality and short lived excitement.  LifeTeen purchased a couple cameras and then just let the teens have fun with them.  I hate that I can't see their pictures easily.  It does make for a fun collection.

All my precious kiddos from the retreat.  I just love that they are all together.  They take growing in their faith very seriously and they enter this journey together. I hope it continues the rest of their lives, actually I don't need to "hope".I am confident that throughout their lives they will bring each other closer to Christ in all that they do.   

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