Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine Days At a Beautiful Church - Our Lady of Perpetual Help

This is a beautiful church in Kansas City, Missouri.  OLPH was beautiful!  I wish the world was surrounded by more beauty like this.  In no way am I trying to insult your simple plain church.  I just know that when I enter a building like this my entire soul is lifted.  So much beauty to give glory to God.  One friend was offered when I said this on Facebook.  I was so impressed with this place.  Yes that morning there were several homeless hanging out in the front that were welcomed to the donuts afterward.  It isn't an either "we give to the building" or "we give to the poor" at all.  Here I saw the whole church in action.  I found a blog that says it more beautifully than I can:  Reasonable Belief is the blog title and the post was called, "The Beautiful Church: Why Must Catholic Churches Be So Ornate?  The response is wonderfully stated.

My favorite title of the Blessed Mother is Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  So ending up there on a cold Valentine's day with my hubby was a wonderful thing.

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