Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Day Full of Play

Unlike other visits we were able to hang out at the house.  (We don't have any dogs here yet so no allergies prevented father, and his allergies, from hanging with us.)    

 The day started at morning Mass, then a yummy breakfast, lots of games and adventures on a golf cart, big yummy dinner thanks to J, a house blessing, and we ended the day with another epic round of spoons.
 Mr. W and C are new to this game.  Good luck boys.  Be warned, Fr. Tom takes this way to seriously.  We are worried that we will loose a spoon or two, no worries as long as we don't loose any people.  LOL but I am serious!

The girls are now huge Fr. Tom fans.  They were pretty bummed to have to say goodbye.  I love that we have so many kiddos and we can have this kind of fun for decades to come.

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