Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm going to paradise! What's wrong with that!?!"

I have a friend in our homeschool group has been fighting against stage 4 gastric cancer.  She found out at the end of March and we have been praying for a miracle.  It does not look like she will have much more time on the search as her health is deteriorating.  I shared the following story on FaceBook because Linda really had a faith that pushes us all to trust our Lord even in death.  I ask that you pray for my friend, her family and for Linda's family that still miss her terribly.  

"I'm going to paradise! What's wrong with that!?!, 
my friend would tell me as she was dying of pancreatic cancer. It has been six years (as of Nov 5) and the pain in losing a friend has not gone away. Neither has the joy that she demanded we have for her.

You see this friend was blessed to feel the Father's Love so strongly that she lost all fear of death. She suffered greatly but kept herself focused on the goal of heaven. It permeated everything, including her request that we wear bright colors to the funeral. She picked her own outfit for burial and then worried it wasn't good enough. She didn't want anyone to fear death because of how she looked.

"God has been pulling me to Him my whole life." 
She told J and I after telling us that she couldn't receive any more treatment and her time on earth was very short.
"I have been tethered to Him since my Baptism. The rope was aways long enough that I could get away if I wanted to and sometimes I tried. I sinned in my life but that doesn't stop God from loving me. The sins looked like huge piles blocking me from Him. That is the wrong way to see it. If I let Him, God pulls me right through it, and with confession the sins are gone. I am now so close to the end, He has pulled me so close to Him that all I can feel is the FATHER's love. It overwhelms every part of me. I can't hold back any more. I just want to run into his arms!" 

As she shared this story I could feel a taste of the love and in my mind I said,
"I want to be loved that way." 
Even though I didn't speak outloud she responded,
"He does love you that much it just isn't your time for Heaven, yet!" 

May we all have that kind of peace when our time comes.  May God give my other friend that same peace and knowledge of where she is heading.
Linda, please pray for us from your heavenly home.

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