Friday, October 9, 2015

HEB Picnic - All Fun and Games Until We Go To The ER

Sadly I don't even have a picture of Goobers, well not a full picture.  She is the HEB employee.  She really wanted us to join her.  it was a Friday and our school work was complete so we decided to have a fun afternoon at the park with her co-workers.  

 The Twins loved the bouncy castle.

 OK so did Jumba.

We had a blast until the managers surprised their employees with a treat of grilled shrimp.  As soon as it started on the BBQ we grew worried.  Sugar stuck around longer than she should have.  As soon as the wind shifted and she got a whiff we were in trouble.  She gave herself the shot and we headed to the ER.
She is ok again.  Thank you God.  She scares me so much with this allergy.

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