Friday, October 2, 2015

HEB SoftBall 2015

Goober works at the "newer" Creekside HEB.  I don't think this is her long term career but it has been a great college job.  They are good to their employees. (Pooker worked at another location while she was at community college as well.)  

 Goobers was playing in the annual HEB employee softball tournament on Friday.  She has been practicing for months now.  

Sugar made sure we were there to show our support to Goobers.  She even designed a shirt and purchased a mascot!
The public face of HEB is the President Scott McClelland.  Apparently he loves this annual softball tournament.  The young ones thought it was fun to see him at the fields.  

He was more than gracious to pose with the kiddos for a picture.

 So once they started another game the mascot came out.
 Our Goobers is such a cutie pie.
 Our little mascot, not so much!

 The boys played a little football.
 While Goobers and her team continued to play.
 Adorable and Beautiful build dirt castles.
 While the rest of us watched.
 In the end they won 1 game and lost 2.  They had a lot of fun which was the most important thing.  J and I are always proud of our kiddos when they put themselves out there and get involved.  Way to go Goobers.  Sorry I didn't get an action shot of you on the field.

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