Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Confessions of a St. Louis girl who married a Cub fan!

I grew up in the heart of Cardinal nation in St. Louis Missouri in a non sport family.  We played sports growing up but never attended professional games.  I remember having Cardinal Red days at school.  We were allowed out of our uniforms to where Cardinal shirts when they went to playoffs one season.  I vaguely remember cheering as Ozzie would come out unto the field doing a back flip.  I also remember not liking the Mets.  That was the extent of my Cardinal fandom.     

That was until I met my hubby.  He was a huge Cub fan.  That doesn't make any sense considering he also grew up in the St. Louis area. I didn't understand the love a person has for "His Team" until J took me to a Cardinal VS Cub game.
I quickly became aware of how much he loved this team and Ryne Sandberg.  (He wanted to name our first child Ryne if it had been a boy.)
When we married we actually went on our honeymoon to Chicago where we went to game at Wrigley Field.  I guess you can say that I became a Cub fan because of marriage.
I also became aware of how egocentric the Cardinal fans are.  It is true that over the years they have  won more games and more titles than others, and that is something to be proud of.  
With all of the Cardinal wins and all of the Cub losses it has not been easy.  Cardinal fans take things way too seriously. (all fans do - I suppose).  Our situation left us as targets.  When visiting with St. Louis family the majority are good natured over the rivalry with their beloved team and the team we support but sometimes some are down right nasty.  

This has left a little bitterness in our children.  They all seam to be Cub fans.
 J would spend hours making sure the kids new about baseball and especially about the Chicago Cubs.

At Pooker's birt J was wearing a Cub hat and a Cub shirt.
Goobers was given a Cub cap at birth, at least she matched her daddy. So here we are Cub fans and have spent years cheering this team on. 
We have visited Wrigley field as a family, watched games over the years, and been disappointed constantly.
I admit that being a Cub fan over the years has not always been easy.  This is a team that struggles to maintain momentum, even when they are good.
This can become very tiresome over the years, but my Cub fans keep plugging away.  They are True Blue, and can not be swayed.  We have moved to Houston and have lived here for almost 13 years, even having 4 more children once we arrived.  I don't have one Astros fan.

The kids feel that the "At least Astro's fans are not as obnoxious as the Cardinal's fans".

It has been a very long wait.  Cub fans must be strong, consistent, and unwavering but they are getting restless for a great year.  1908 was a very long time ago.
Year after year . . .

after year . . .

So here we are Cub fans, and not Cardinal fans.

I wanted to post about this because it really did involve a lot of our lives this week.  

The pressure was on because of who the Cubs were playing.  The teasing both ways was not always kind.
Then when the Cubs did win the series we had a blast, celebrating.

  It probably won't last long but it sure felt good to win this round.

Celebrate we did!!

And as a Cub fans it really doesn't matter how we do in the next series because we all know " . . . there is always next year!!"

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