Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sugar's Birthday

Today my 4th child turns 19 years old. This young woman is one that is a fantastic people person. She loves children and most children love her. She is real. She say it like it is. She always has a smile on her face. I love that the Wilbur mask takes courage to wear and yet you do. I want to grow up to be like Sugar  with her confidence and beauty that shines in all that she does. I love you my Suger. Happy happy birthday!
This kid! Sugar is something else. I envy her incredible wit and humor. She is hands down the funniest friend I have. She ALWAYs knows what to do to make people happy. She doesn't take any shit from anyone and she strands her ground without any questioning. She radiates confidence and maturity well beyond her years. This girl knows how to read people and really cares about making the people around her feel special, appreciated and loved.
Today we stopped by adoration for a bit to thank God for another year with his special girl, and I couldn't help but be over come with gratefulness for his special gift. It is such an honor to be your big sister. I may be the older sister, but thanks for being someone that -I- look up to! I love you! Happy 19th year!

Today is Sugar's 19th Birthday!! So happy Birthday to one of the happiest, funniest and most caring person I know!! Sugar you are the best! So Happy Ollmay!!

So today, and for the next 27 days I have a twin! If I was ever going to have one I'd want it to be you! Happy birthday and thank for always being there for me. And thanks for being Sugar!

Happy birthday to my awesome big sister happy birthday😎 I love you.

 Sugar loves Bahama Bucks for Snow Cones so we had that instead of cake.  The twins did bake her a cake but thence dropped a glass and it shattered next it and we had to pitch it.  Sugar didn't care because she wanted snow cones instead.  We had a great time.  

We all love that Sugar wants everyone around her happy.  She does everything to make you smile.  often times all we need to smile is to see her smile.  She is funny, happy, smart and silly.  We love her so much.  Thank you Sugar for growing into such a beautiful woman of God.

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