Sunday, September 20, 2015

LifeTeen Kick Off

Painted by Ryan McQuade

Each LifeNight begins with the core meeting of adults trying to figure out what the plan is for the night.  I am so glad that Pooker's friend decided to join core and wanted to team up with me.  He also made the meeting and heard everything.  I was late so thank goodness he was there paying attention.

These are my people.  Pooker, Lorenzo, me, Sugar and Bear. So many core members from one family.
Throw in some LifeTeen kiddos.  Possible-Pickle
Add in Mary B.
Now this is Freshman Group 14 - they are a great group of kiddos.
This is a picture of the new youth minister Ryan, he is the one that painted the picture at the top of this post and the back drop behind the picture below.  
After some pizza and face painting we headed outside for some crazy carnival type fun.  

Lorenzo and I are very lucky with a great group of kids.
So we all then gather tighter in the gym for announcements and prayers.  So it is amazing to me to watch, hear and witness 750 teen agers all talking and moving around to become still for prayer.  It is a beautiful thing to witness.

We had to take some fun shots afterwards.  It really was a great night.

Another kickoff in the books.  It was a great night full of fun.  God bless all these teens.

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