Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hide And Seek EXTREME

Do you have a three year old in your home?  If you do then you probably already know that they like to play hide and seek.  Add the twin factor to that and it gets fun.  Adorable and Beautiful play constantly together and include the rest of us if we want.  Sometimes we don't even know we are playing, and that might have gotten us into a little bit of trouble.  
 Twin Beautiful (the one hiding under the bench in this picture) is very good at hiding.  I mean extremely good at hiding.
In fact the other day we called to police to help us to find Beautiful.  We were worried that she was taken because we could not find her anywhere.
See those long dresses to the left?  She was standing inside one of the dresses making it impossible to see her.  When the kids called for her in a panicked tone she thought it was part of the game and became very still and very quiet.  I am still so upset by the entire incident that I will have to write more later.  Let's just say that we found the child before the police arrived but they "needed to investigate because there were so many children"!?!?  Good news Beautiful was found safe and sound and the bad news is that hide and seek might have led to legal issues.  Please say a prayer for us - we might need it.

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