Monday, September 28, 2015

Bear's Birthday

Bear had a birthday.  We celebrated on Sunday and his birthday was actually on Monday.  Well we tried to celebrate.  Bear did not make that easy.  He also refused the big family picture.  Oh well, Happy birthday Bear we all love you very much!
"Happy Day of Birth to my only hot ginger bro! I can't believe mom and dad have three 20somethings! You're a punk, but I'm thankful for the good ol' days when you still had time to have fun with us. Hope your day is bitchin'. Sorry I'm on the truck and can't be around to partake in the plethora of activities I know you're enjoying."

"Happy Birthday to the biggest jerk I know! But for real I hope you have an awesome day D you amaze me with the way you live out your faith! So thanks for being you! Have an awesome day! Happy 20th"

"Last day of being a twin with The Best big brother ever!!" 

happy birthday Bear, Love you, hope your day is awesome #20 "

Bear:  He wrote this on his own page noting the passing of two decades
"20 years...😁  Wow. The first 20 years of my life have been filled with a lot, a lot of good, some bad, a lot of joy, some sad, a lot of new friends, and a lot of new friends becoming old friends. But also and Most importantly a lot of God. And a lot of me trying to live my life for Him, (sometimes trying harder then other times.) but I have to thank anyone and everyone who has been in my life in any way through out those 20 years, because whether it's been a positive, on negative relationship, you have helped me grow, mature, and see where I need to grow and mature. So thank you! I sincerely hope that you all will be a part of my next 20 years in some way. I hope that my next 20 years will be filled with growing closer to the Lord.  Go with God, and never stop. "

So I have another child that is out of the teen years and approaching adulthood.  J and I are so very proud of this young man.  We love you big guy and we know that you will go places.  Thank you for showing us how to serve God in all that we do.

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