Monday, August 10, 2015

Moving Day!

The girls had to say goodbye to their old place.  The had it clean and ready to go.  Thanks to their friend for the opportunity.  They took that small little place and made it a fun place to live.  

This was the moving crew, two friends and tons of siblings.
Here they go to see the new place.
The new place is closer to us and in a safe location that before.  We were so happy to spend a few hours getting the into this new place.
Honestly with so many hands it didn't take that much time.  It was the test day of the year, at like 103.  
Aside from he high temperatures the work wasn't bad.
It is always fun for mom and dad to see their kids grow up and do well in life.

One thing for sure, siblings are there to share the work load.

Moving day! After taking over part of the lease for one of my favorite guys, Goobers and I got our own place today. Long story short, we were living in J's old place and we were keeping up rent for him when he moved out before it was up. J was our favorite landlord, but we're glad to be in a new spot and on our own. Thank you, J! It was fun! We'll miss being so close to comm center. We're excited for this new place though. Thank you to all that helped us out today! There's also a few pictures of our gang moving everything today.
Best moving helpers ever!! Thanks guys! You're the best!! For real! Could not have done it without yall!

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